What is OTP Full Form in Hindi?

What is OTP Full Form in Hindi?

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What is OTP Full Form in Hindi OTP

The full form of the OTP is One Time Password. This is called a password used once in Hindi. OTP is an automatically generated numerical or alphanumeric string character that certifies the user for a single transaction or login session. An OTP is more secure than a static password, especially the password created by the user, which can be weak and or reused in many accounts. OTP may replace authentication login information or use it to add another layer of security

OTP is a Password that can be used only once for Login, Transaction, Verification. OTP’s convenience protects your Account. Suppose when you Transaction by Net Banking any Bank, the Bank sends an OTP to your mobile without which it is difficult to Transaction. Even if someone knows your password, he can’t Transaction your Account because Bank OTP sends and doesn’t have your phone.

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the easiest way to Send OTP is SMS. Google has also included OTP Protection on its Accounts to make its Account safer, which no one can log in without entering an OTP password with your password in your Account after Active. OTP Sends through both Google Calling and SMS.

Examples for OTP

OTP security tokens are microprocessor-based smart cards or key pocket-sized Forbes that produce a numerical or alphanumeric code to authenticate access to systems or transactions. This secret code changes every 30 or 60 seconds, depending on how the token is configured. Mobile device apps, such as Google authenticators, rely on token devices and PINS to generate OTP for two-step verification. OTP security tokens can be applied based on hardware, software or demand. Unlike traditional passwords that remain stable or expire every 30 to 60 days, OTP is used for a transaction or login session.

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How to get OTP

When an unauthorized user attempts to access a system or transact on a device, an authentication manager on the network server generates a number or a shared confidential password, using a one-time password algorithm. The same number and algorithm are used to match by security tokens on smart cards or devices and to validate a one-time password and user.

Many companies use SMS to provide a temporary passcode through text for another authentication factor. Temporary passcode exits the band through cellphone communications when the user enters his user name and password on the network information system and transaction-oriented applications.

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How OTP works

OTP is a technical mechanism through which a single-use password is generated and the user is sent to the registered mobile number to access the website. OTP is also known as two-factor authentication. Products such as Google, Paytm, and internet banking portals often use OTP to ensure user authenticity and prevent identity theft.

In today’s time, theft of online Identity has become a serious problem. Data from Identity Theft magazine shows that nearly 15 million people in the U.S. are victims of Identity theft every year and face a collective loss of $50 billion. Nearly 100 million become vulnerable due to data theft from the U.S. government or corporate database.

Adopting the use of sending OTP to verified users to access a specific site improves security, which may otherwise be vulnerable to phishing and keyboard logging activities. OTP gives an additional layer of protection to protect the digital identity of end-users.

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When users create a digital property or an account, they are asked to enable a two-factor authentication system in addition to the normal username and password. The next time the user tries to log in, the system sends the temporary password to either four or six-digit registered mobile handsets, and the user holes the code in the system. Code is a random series of numerical and alphanumeric characters. These OTPs are usually valid for a few minutes. Information Flow works like this –

  • User enters user name and password
  • This is followed by Sent on the backend Request
  • Then the user name and password are Matche
  • The user then receives OTP through SMS.
  • Now the user enters the OTP and logs on to the site.

We’ll now tell you about two processes that occur before OTP is certified. These processes are generation and delivery. In the generation process, OTP is created depending on time or through mathematical functions. In a time-based generation, the tool syncs with the authentication server to create time-based OTP.

In the second process, a mathematical task is performed to generate OTP. In the delivery process, SMS is considered the most common way due to the wide adoption of mobile phones. If OTP fails to deliver, the user has the option to get code through an auto-generated IVR call immediately. OTP is considered to be the best way to protect data in the form of SMS.

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Features of OTP

OTP has three features that make it a viable option for global leaders and tech giants to implement and ensure data security. These features are secure access, simple infrastructure, and faster delivery. The whole cycle of OTP begins and ends in a couple of seconds, through OTP SMS, users receive four or six-digit codes. In addition to the SMS system, users also receive OTP through IVR, or it can be generated by the consumer and delivered via SMS.

OTP bank is the main way to authenticate transactions. When a user logs in to access the account or transfer money, an OTP is generated that is verified to start the next step.

Use of OTP

OTP is used in many areas such as

  • For Internet Banking
  • For e-commerce sites
  • For social networking sites


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