What is PDA Full Form in Hindi

What is PDA Full Form in Hindi

PDA Full Form in Hindi, what is the Full Form of PDA, what is PDA, what is PDA, what is the full name of the PDA and what is meaning in the Hindi, you will find answers to all such questions in this Post.

PDA Full Form in Hindi – What is PDA

PDA has a full form Personal Digital Assistant. This is called a personal digital assistant in Hindi. PDA is a Mobile Device without Keyboard. The main purpose of this device is to act as an electronic organizer or day planner which is portable and easy to use and is capable of sharing information with your computer system.

PDA PC’s Extension not Replacement. These systems are able to share information with the computer system through a process or service called synchronization. Both devices will reach each other to check for changes or updates to individual devices. Using Infra Red and Bluetooth connections enables these devices to synchronize ussha.

A user with PDA Devices can browse the Internet, listen to audio clips, watch video clips, Edit office documents and many other services and Modify. These Devices have a stylus and a touch-sensitive screen for input and output purposes. PDA has the ability to note, read graphs, connect to the Internet, upload and download anything

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Smart Phones

This kind of phone connects the features of PDA with mobile phones or camera phones. It gives good Progression on other types of mobile phones. Smartphones have the ability to run many Programs concurrently. These phones include High Resolution Touch Screens, Web Browsers that can access and display Standard web pages instead of just mobile-optimized sites, and access high-speed data through Wi-Fi and high-speed cellular broadband.h

The most common mobile operating system (OS) used by modern smartphones includes embedded Linux distributions such as Google Android, Apple iOS, Nokia Symbian, RIM BlackBerry OS, Samsung Bada, Microsoft Windows Phone and Maemo and MeeGo. Such operating systems can be installed on different phone models, and usually each device can receive multiple operating system software updates in their lifetime.

Tablet PC and iPads

This mobile device is larger than a mobile phone or PDA and is integrated into a touch screen and operates using touch sensitive speed on the screen. They are often controlled by the touch of a pen or a finger. They are usually in the form of slates and are light in weight. Examples include iPad, Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook etc.

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They provide the same functionality as portable computers. They support mobile computing in a much better way and have tremendous processing horsepower. Users can edit and modify document files, use high-speed Internet, stream video and audio data, receive and send e-menals. Its many other functions can give lectures and presentations among.

Features of PDA

  • Touch Screen – It can have one or two buttons to create shortcuts to the app used. Otherwise the user will have to enter text by touching or using pen stylus.
  • Memory Cards – Earlier PDA did not have a memory slot but now some PDA may have a manmori card slot and USB flash drive slot.
  • Wired Connectivity – were able to connect to a private computer through PDA Serial Port or other devices before. Now usb cables are used to connect them.
  • Wireless Connectivity – PDA also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless.
  • Operating System – यह Pre Installed Operating Systems Palm OS, WebOS है.
  • Navigation – Some PDA may have built-in GPS and some may be externally connected to GPS.
  • Rugged PDAs – Rugged PDA includes some additional features such as barcode reader, radio frequency identification reader, magnetic strip card reader, or smart card reader etc.


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