What is CID Full Form in Hindi

What is CID Full Form in Hindi

what is the Full Form of CID Full Form in Hindi, CID Ka Full Form Kya Hai, CID, CID Ka Poora Naam Kya Hai, CID You will find answers to all questions that CID have in their full name and what Hindi means in this Post?

CID Full Form in Hindi CID what is it? what do you say? what is the matter?

The full form of the CID is the Crime investigation Department. This is called the Crime Investigation Department in Hindi. It is an investigation and intelligence branch of the Indian State Police. It is one of the most important units of the police organization and is led by the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP).

CID is very famous in India. One of the reasons for this is that you must have heard CID’s name many times in movies and TV serials. CID is the Crime investigation Department of the State Police of India which investigates any crime very seriously. CID department usually acts intelligence and Member it in normal clothes without wearing any special uniform so that no one can identify them and it can investigate and arrest Crime.

It is headquartered in Pune. CID examines the specified cases assigned by the government. the CID was established by the British government in 1902 on the recommendation of the Police Commission to maintain law and order in the country. This department has its own rank of officers who usually work in plain clothes. These officers are known as spies or CID officers

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Qualification to become CID Officer

To become a CID officer, the candidate should be the first citizen of India. The minimum qualification of the candidate to join the CID as sub-inspector or officer should be a graduate from a recognized university.

The minimum qualification required by the candidate to join as a constable on CID should be 12th or 10th. In addition to the qualification to become CID officer, the Indian Civil Services Examination which is conducted by the Union Service Commission every year should pass it.

Today, there are many universities in our country, India, which offer courses in forensic science at the undergraduate level. These courses can help you to become CID officer.

To become CID officer, the candidate must have an excellent memory, sharp eyes, good decision of character, ability to work in a team. Also the most important thing is that the candidates interested in it should be Single. If the candidate fulfills all the basic requirements of this job, he/she is eligible to become a CID officer.

CID Branches

There are many Branches of CID. You can see their names below such as-

  • CB-CID
  • Dog Squad
  • Bank Frauds
  • Anti Narcotics Cell
  • Missing Person Cell
  • Anti Terrorism Wing
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Anti Human Trafficking
  • Human Rights Department


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