Boost your Skills During Lockdown Through E-learning Platforms

Boost your Skills During Lockdown Through E-learning Platforms

COVID-19 is taking away the colors of life. Rising cases are affecting the livelihood of people. Many people have become jobless day by day. Many companies, small organizations, businesses are on the verge of shutting down. Schools, colleges, and coaching institutes have been closed due to this pandemic. Education and work have become virtual. People have been working from home since lockdown. Looking at the current situation, all we can do is develop our skills and knowledge to excel in our work.

Skill is the ability to perform a task in an organized way. It is usually said that to get different results, we cannot do things in the same way. There are many benefits of skill development like more employment opportunities, more career development opportunities, personal growth, an increase in knowledge, etc. Due to shut down of universities and other educational institutes, students and professionals have many opportunities to develop their skills online through many e-learning platforms.

E-learning companies are offering you learning platforms. It is an educational curriculum utilizing electronic technologies. It is a course which is delivered via the internet not via CD-ROM or DVD. Sometimes, they are live where you can interact with your professors and the professionals attending the class. Sometimes, the lectures are pre-recorded. The use of the internet as a new technique of teaching has made many changes in the traditional process of teaching.

The biggest drawback for today’s organizations is the lack of training programs available for professionals. There are many organizations that are not investing enough time and money in human resource development which is affecting their productivity. E-learning platforms are providing training programs for such organizations. It motivates the professionals to remain in the organization rather than leave it. It is a cost-effective way of learning. The productivity of the employee is increased through learning. E-learning can be used as a training tool for employees and increase competition among them.

In this lockdown period, many top platforms are offering free courses. You can get these courses in every area like photography, computer, and technology, business and entrepreneurship, art and crafts, health, etc. Professionals are taking many courses to achieve certificates like ITIL certification, AWS certification, pmp certification, etc. Now, for professional growth when we talk about skills that play a role especially for the freshers and early-stage professionals can be learning ability, analytics, management, etc. For the development of these skills, there are many platforms like Coursera, Simplilearn, Skillshare, Udemy, Udacity, NPTEL, Swayam, etc.

Not only students but e-learning platforms also provide courses for professionals. Companies require their employees to be up-to-date with the knowledge of digital technologies. To stay on top of the digital era challenges, one has to learn for a lifetime as the company can’t work with the same method lifetime. To develop your employees’ competencies, e-learning is the modern way of knowledge transfer that you can use. E-learning not only benefits the skills of an employee but also benefits the company. Through e-learning, employees from different departments and countries can participate in discussions directly in the training module. Better trained and knowledgeable employees will be more effective and can help to improve the image of your business.

Many successful companies like Shell, Toyota, Paypal, Pitney Bowes, etc. use e-learning platforms for training their employees for the development of the company.

Bottom line- As the situation is getting worse day by day you cannot predict what will happen to us tomorrow. All we know is we have to work on personal development as much as we can.


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