How to promote pictures on Instagram

How to promote pictures on Instagram

Except for the customized promotion plans for your pictures that are easily available on Instagram, bloggers also can do a lot to make their visual posts more successful. There are a lot of ways now, and different strategies are suggested to raise the audience’s involvement in your posts. Now we talk a lot about the unique style of the pictures. Instagram itself and bazillion sophisticated mobile applications provide an opportunity to choose your own style with the help of filters and visual effects. The audience pays attention to this issue. In other words, the more you understand yourself and behave consistently, the easier it is for the audience to get your message. The strategy you chose to promote your photos is also very important, as in some cases, you cannot totally rely on yourself only or the charge-free ways of promotion. So, it’s better to choose the way you are going to organize your page even before creating it.  Let’s analyze a couple of picture promotion strategies that really work.

Schedule and frequency

Posting once a month or without a certain frequency plan, you are not likely to get macho audience involvement and maintain it for a long time. Include the schedule into your content plan so you can easily control the content promotion process. Think about the best time to publish new posts. Depending on the topic and purpose of your page, you’ll certainly have a specific type of audience. If we talk about workaholic millennials, study when exactly they finish work to be ready to provide interesting content exactly at the time they are free. The same is with young moms, who have a specific schedule during a day due to their kids’ activity. Find out the golden hours for posting. The other issue is frequency. Not to become a spammer, don’t post all the time. In this way, your posts may lack creativity, and your audience might consider you a spammer. To avoid this, balance the posts in feed with the posts in live stories. Stories are valuable, as they let your audience check them quickly, they are more engaging and don’t urge the followers to read long texts under the pictures. So, this is the fastest way to convey short meaningful messages. You should also study the strategies of your main competitors representing the same industry. If they all post three times a day you can consider it to be a POP for your page. And of course, to figure out what strategy is best for you, you should experiment with different options in the means of publishing and check whether your expectations are met by the audience response.

Promote your pictures on different social networks

Promoting your pictures on Facebook and Twitter at the same time will give you a possibility to involve the audience via different sources. In this way, you’ll raise your content reach. But here, you should bear in mind that each platform needs a different strategy based on the best practices. Facebook is more about descriptions, while on Instagram you’d better pay more attention to hashtags strategy. Twitter is about being short and giving a perfect match between your photo and a quote for it. In your settings on Instagram, you can add automatic posting on other social networks, so the only thigh you’ll have to do is slightly customize the posts for every platform, not losing the common meaning and message. It widely happens that on different platforms, you may have different types and segments of the audience. So, cross-posting will not only help you to raise the quantity of the audience engaged but also diversify the audience in general.

People-focused posting

Due to the great popularity of selfies, people-centric content is still the most popular among the followers. So, posting some pictures of locations, events, or brand-oriented shots, think about the importance of a personal presence on them. In this way, your posts become not a simple picture in feed, but an experience-sharing content. Think about the setting of the photo. Of course, it should be attractive, but also natural. The more sophisticated and studio-based your pictures are, the more risks you may face in a long-term perspective. First of all, you’ll raise the expectations of your audience, and every more real-life post you share can disappoint them, as they have got used to your face with the prefer make-up, and a tired look after a difficult working day can make a dissonance between your posts. Besides, in this way, you’ll make the process of content production more difficult, as you’ll be addicted to the studios, photographers, and creating always new settings to surprise and involve your followers. If the posts have an advertising purpose, also don’t just always share the picture of the product, demonstrate a person using it, and the emotions it provokes, instead of “buy now”, “sale” and “only today with 70% discount”. As for brands, there’s nothing better than user-generated content, showing how satisfied the customers are.

Cooperate with influencers

The term influencer should not frighten you anymore. With the appearance of nano-influencers, you’ll always have a good choice of accounts to organize a cross-page promotion, as in many cases, it is quite price-efficient and will help you to extend the audience reach very quickly. As was mentioned previously, people-centric adds are very effective. The only time-consuming issue existing here is how to find a proper influencer who shares the same values and ideas with you and your brand. Use manual search and hashtags analysis to find potentially attractive pages to cooperate with. Check their Instagram bio and the additional links on their URLs, if they are added with the help of a multi-link organizer. Of course, it may take time, but if you make a deep analysis of influencer-marketing perspectives in advance, you’ll always have a plan B if one of your posts doesn’t show the engagement rate you expect, involving some of the previously chosen and proven influencers.


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