The 10 Best Applications to Edit Videos in 2020

The 10 Best Applications to Edit Videos in 2020

Best Applications to Edit Videos in 2020: Social networks today represent a communication bridge with our loved ones, friends and even people that we do not know personally.

The case of video is special, because it has become one of the most popular ways to share content quickly and fun, that’s why I want to show you today the best applications to edit videos and make very cool compositions.

Sometimes, the most fun way to create a video is taking small parts of several videos and putting them together making a single video, which we can use to share or save some memories that we want to keep and that is why in this article, we bring you the best applications to edit videos.

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We are going to try to discover now which are the best applications to edit videos

Top 10 Applications to Edit Videos

VidTrim: Video Editor

VidTrim - applications to edit videos

This is not just any application, it is not a simple tool to join videos, it is more than that.

VidTrim is an app to join videos that will allow you to take the organization of your device gallery further. It includes many of the classic options for editing your shots, which can be cut, frame capture, video effects and more, all this so you can give it a personal and original style.

Its most striking function is one that allows us to join several videos into one, as a kind of collage. It will also allow us to share it directly to our social networks.

Videoshop – Video Editor


Application that contains many functions and is one of the most complete video gathering apps, since we will not only be able to cut videos, but also edit the video, adjusting the brightness, contrast, zoom, size, etc.

Videoshop also allows you to add text, animations, images, record an audio in the form of “voice over”, filters, transitions and much more.

InShot – Video and photo music editor (Instagram)

Inshot - applications to edit videos

One of the many applications designed for Instagram that you will surely like. It is a video editor for Instagram.

This video editing tool will give us the possibility of doing great jobs with a simple tool on our device.

We can add music and even mix more than two videos in one.

Very good video editor for Instagram.



This powerful application to join several videos in one is for those who have an iPhone, iPad , or an Apple device, although it also exists for Android devices.

Mixbit will make things easier for you when making or editing a video, it is a very complete and above all simple app to cut videos and join videos, since it works almost completely automatically.

We will have professional effects, animations, soundtracks and other interesting things.

In addition to all this, the app has a function to be able to work in groups.

With the “Private Collaboration” mode we can start a project with the selected people, allowing each one to leave their mark on the style of the video, a very good function if we want to have a good time with friends.

VidStitch Free


This program to join free videos is undoubtedly a genius and is designed for the specific use of social networks , especially the most visual of all, Instagram.

VidStich in its free version, allows you to mix videos to your liking and quickly. It is another great video editor for Instagram.

It has a very clear and simple to use interface, with which we can make good videos without having to be a professional and have the PRO version of the app (€ 2.16) , we can also add a musical background with the song that we like the most.

Video Editor: Cut video

This is one of those applications that cannot be missed when it comes to editing photographic or video material.

Video Editor is a really fabulous tool with very complete functions, ranging from deep editing to video mixing instantly.

With this application we will have the possibility of even adding a musical track so that it plays in the background in our video.

On the other hand, it has tools to help us customize our videos, since we can cut, rotate, divide and edit image parameters so that our video is really great.

It is an excellent application to feel like a professional in editing.


Magisto - applications to edit videos

Being able to create material for your networks can be a little difficult, but if we have the right tools we can do it without any problem.

Magisto is an application that is developed for any of the two major platforms, iOS and Android . This will help us a lot when it comes to making excellent mixes and edits.

Having the possibility to join videos or images, edit image parameters, add effects, etc.

It has among its functions, the possibility of automatically making the mixes and the necessary adjustments so that it is a really great job.

At the end we can share immediately on our favorite social networks.

iMovie – My Favorite Application


This is one of the most powerful and completes tools for Apple devices.

iMovie will allow us to use a wide variety of filters and themes for the videos that we have recorded in our terminal.

On the other hand, it will give us the possibility to add titles, transitions, music and many special effects.

You can join several videos in one. It is a program to cut and paste videos, trim videos, link videos through transitions and effects. An authentic pass, both the application and the program for Mac.

It has several templates that contain images and musical backgrounds to give a professional touch to our mixes.

Also, we can merge videos to make a composition that will look great on our social media profiles that we use the most. We can acquire it for a price of € 4.99 for iPhone and iPad. It works for iPhone X .

And if you have a Mac, I recommend it as it is a super powerful video editing tool, easy to use and free. I used to use it a while ago on my iPhone 6 and it was going great.


Splice - applications to edit videos

This powerful tool is available for the most used operating systems in the community today, Android and iOS. It includes all those functions necessary for video editing, such as, for example, trimming, inserting effects, mixing videos, altering the speed and joining several videos into one, among others.

On the other hand, it has a series of special filters that are not present in other free applications.

It costs less than 3 euros for Android devices and is free for terminals with iOS. Despite its cost, it is really a worthwhile application. You have the guarantee that it is an application of the owners of the GoPro .


As you have seen, today there are many applications to join videos, both for Android and for iPhone. And if you have an old mobile that does not support these applications, you can always get a powerful refurbished mobile at a good price.

Some of these apps are very easy to use, while others are more complex with more advanced and sophisticated options. And if you want nobody to discover the videos you are making, you can use one of the apps to put a password on applications

The best application to join videos will be the one that best suits your needs depending on what you want to use your video mixes for.

Although the most popular thing today is composing personalized videos to share on social networks, mainly on Instagram, in which, in recent years, the publication of content in video format is increasing.

With any of these tools you can make magnificent video mixes and customize the result with great professional editing functions.

You can try several and keep the set of apps that you like the most. If you lose your phone, and in turn all your videos. You can use any of the applications to locate a mobile.

What is your favorite video gathering app? Leave a comment sharing your experience with us . And if you think that we are missing an application, tell us!

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