4 Benefits of WiFi for Bus

4 Benefits of WiFi for Bus

In today’s digital world, people’s lives have become deeply connected to the internet. The explosion of social media platforms in the digital age has seen billions of people sign up for Facebook, Instagram, and the like. Having a fast and reliable WiFi connection in a bus is, therefore, a great investment in the comfort of your passengers as many will expect to be able to stay active online while enjoying their journeys.

Online learning and education can go more smoothly when there is dependable internet connectivity in a bus. Thanks to innovations by companies such as EyeRide, fast and reliable mobile WiFi connectivity is now a reality. Here are the top 5 advantages of public WiFi on buses.

Better tracking facilities

Working with in-vehicle surveillance systems, WiFi on school buses allows parents to better track the journeys of their children. If the routes and speed of buses can be tracked in real-time, it will boost the safety of school kids. With WiFi connectivity, irresponsible behavior by drivers such as speeding and erratic vehicle handling can be monitored. These behaviors can be recorded and punitive actions taken against drivers when necessary.

Drivers, on the other hand, can monitor the traffic situation on roads and plan their routes optimally. Thus, any time wasted will be reduced and fuel economy much improved.

Decreases problematic behaviors

The theory is that if passengers busy themselves with WiFi services on public buses, they are less likely to indulge in negative behaviors while the bus is moving. School districts are now considering the possibility of providing free WiFi on school buses, as a way to keep children engaged and minimize disturbances.

EyeNet WiFi by EyeRide can provide your passengers with a reliable high-speed internet connection as they enjoy each mile of their journey.

Facilitates online learning

WiFi connections on school buses present students with a golden opportunity to combine their journeys to and from school with learning. With internet access in vehicles, students can use those precious minutes researching homework via the web. Although there is an issue of internet safety concern for school kids, it turns out that’s not a serious problem. WiFi service providers can use site-blocking settings to prevent passengers from accessing unauthorized websites.

It bridges the digital divide

With no internet connection, students in low-income countries or rural communities may struggle to complete their assignments. WiFi on buses can offer underprivileged students an equal chance to make the most out of the internet and bridge the digital divide.

Commercial benefits

WiFi on buses also offers commercial benefits to fleet companies that operate public transport services. Since many people are so much in love with the internet, installing WiFi on your fleet can attract customers. As a transport business owner, your profit margins can increase when more clients begin to choose your buses due to WiFi availability.

Eliminates boredom during long trips

Traveling in buses to more distant destinations can be stressful and boring. However, WiFi connections bring endless entertainment options to vehicle occupants. After all, they can watch their favorite shows, play games, listen to music or just have fun on the ride. Longer trips will no longer be boring when every passenger can connect their smartphone to the internet and rule their world.

These are the top reasons why you may want to install WiFi routers on your fleet.


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