Why you need an Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications on your android mobile

Why you need an Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications on your android mobile

Have you heard about Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications ?? I know for the first time when you see this, it looks weird and you might be thinking it’s a URL.But it’s not a URL, it’s a free antivirus application for your android mobile, known as Avast Mobile Security.

Avast Mobile Security has two variants at no cost and paid usage. The top version is for companies who need high security.

Here are the top features of this application:

  • Avast Mobile Security helps protect you by intruders that wish to enter your cell phone.
  • Assist to block spam and junk calls.
  • Protects pictures, folders, programs using a password, fingerprint or pin.Y
  • You can also change your IP address if you require it.

Prevent possible dangers

Avast Mobile Security helps discover and examine malicious software before installing.It Scans regularly for dangers and security vulnerabilities in your own phone if any.

Protect your information remotely

This feature can help you stop burglars from accessing information and assists recover apparatus in the event of information theft.

Improves functionality

  • Clean junk often to free memory, making your mobile run smoother.
  • Expand battery life.

Together with the outstanding attributes of this Avast Mobile Security program that Fchise has only explained.

To get this application on your mobile phone, Visit the playstore and  hit on the install button or you can search on one of your browsers with‘Content://com.avast.android.mobilesecurity/temporaryNotifications’.

In a marketplace flooded with a huge array of  antivirus applications, it may be overwhelming to choose a solution that’s very good for you. Would you prefer to cover a security solution or obtain a completely free security application? A free portable antivirus solution that offers great security attributes is avast Mobile Security.

With avast! Mobile Security, you can guard your Android smartphone or tablet.

This anti virus has the following attributes:


It gives on-demand analysis of all of the applications you have installed on your mobile, in addition to the information of the memory card. Additionally, it scans for recently downloaded or recent applications that are installed on your mobile.

It is possible to personalize the anti virus tool to program scans and perform upgrades. It is also possible to configure your antivirus to get rid of dubious files and can remove unwanted applications.

App Manager:

If you’re aware of Task Manager before, you will feel at home with avast! An app manager displays a listing of programs running in your mobile and their individual dimensions, CPU usage, and memory and service utilization.You can stop or remove an application by using app manager.

What I emphasize here is that it is also possible to see just how many KB or MB (KiloBytes or MegaBytes) each program consumes based on the sort of connection used, make sure it be Wi-Fi, either 3G or Roaming.

Privacy record:

This new feature offers you a record of attempts at access rights, in addition to the aims of installed apps. This information gives you a good notion of ​​just how much information you’re providing to every program.


The firewall or firewall function offers great protection against efforts to allow hackers compromise your device. The firewall will disable an app Internet access when it believes it malicious and protect against exposure of your personal info.

Blocking Application:

It lets us block access to the apps we need, as an instance, Messages into our photo gallery, Facebook, etc.. For this, it’s crucial to set up a 6 or 4 digit password.

Blocking Messages and Calls:

Lets you block incoming calls and sms from a listing of amounts grouped by groups which we are able to create or from unknown people.

Data flow info:

This app is helpful to the people who want to have an overview of their data utilization according to date,day, month or year. Additionally, it provides you immediate access into the App Manager so that you may create the required adjustments to your app.

This antivirus provides a good security solution to your Android device. Defends against malicious software, viruses, spyware and malware. In this article, I have attempted to be short in describing the primary characteristics that are given by Avast Mobile Security.


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