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In the year 2006, Extra torrents was started, and it ranked as one of the best torrent websites.

ExtraTorrents gave a tough competition to the other major torrent sites and it was the second biggest torrent site right after Pirate Bay, where millions of users visit this website every day.

The website is well-known for hosting films and shows. Because of this, there were many concerns made to the hosting companies to disable or shutdown the website. 

But, it’s still uncertain if it had been the lawful stress that resulted in the shutdown of this website.

Here is the latest information on the alternatives and proxy sites for the Extra torrent website which helps the users to unblock the torrent site. The below are some of the proxy sites:


How proxy websites work, and it’s uses??

The proxy websites act as a medium between the source and destination of the website you are trying to access. When you utilize Extratorrent proxy websites, the website traffic out of the browser is directed via the proxy server until it reaches the mirror site.This is used to unblock the website and will allow the user to access the content which was restricted.

As the main website of Extratorrent was closed permanently, but there are many users who are interested in accessing the content using the torrent. The only way to access the content of the torrent is using a proxy website. You can find many Extratorrent proxy sites list that are directed to the torrent to watch the movies. So, inorder to view and access the content, there is only one option which is, to use a proxy website.

The proxy websites which are listed above works fine. Apart from the, extratorrent proxy sites, there are also alternatives for Extratorrent which works similar to Extratorrent. 

How to use ExraTorrents Proxies?

Sometimes the listed extratorrent proxy website may not work. In that case, you can use proxies.

The proxies work in the same way as the torrent website, where it hides the user IP address, so that you will be able to view the site without letting the destination site to monitor you.

VPN for Extratorrents

In the Asian countries like India and China, watching movies through torrents is illegal.In that case, the users need a VPN to unblock the extratorrents. Find the top VPN’s that makes your work easy.


To access the Extratoorent there are wide range of option either you can use Extratorrent proxy websites or using the proxies. Even, there are many alternatives like 1337x and Limetorrent. In the worst case, you can install the VPN and unblock the torrent.

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