How to Install and Stream Soap2Day APK on Firestick

How to Install and Stream Soap2Day APK on Firestick

Soap2Day lets you binge-watch movies and TV shows without signing up. Plus, now you can watch it on a bigger screen. Even though it’s not on the Amazon App Store, this guide will help you install and watch the Soap2Day APK on Firestick. Let’s begin!

How to Set Up and Stream Soap2Day APK on Firestick

You need help finding an official Soap2Day app for Firestick. However, you can download its APK file on your device. There are various methods to do this. Please keep reading to learn more about them.

Is Soap2Day Available on Firestick?

Yes, you can access Soap2Day on Firestick. It’s not an official app, but you can still download it on Firestick.

Note: Since Soap2Day isn’t on the Amazon App Store, be careful when downloading its APK file.

Method 1: How to Use Downloader

Downloader is an app used to add or install other apps onto devices like Firestick. Follow these steps to use Downloader to download Soap2Day on Firestick:

1. Turn on your Firestick and connect it to your home network.

2. From the Firestick home screen, go to Settings.

3. In Settings, select My Fire TV.

My Fire TV

4. Choose Developer Options and turn on apps from unknown sources.

apps from unknown sources

5. Return to the Home screen and select the Search option from the Find tab.

6. Look for Downloader and choose it from the search results.


7. Click on Get or Download to install the app.

8. Open Downloader and select Allow when prompted to access media files.

9. Enter the Soap2Day URL, then click Go to download the APK file.

download the APK file

10. After the download, choose INSTALL, then Open to launch Soap2Day.

Approach 2: How to Use File Explorer

ES File Explorer is an Android app that lets you view and manage your device’s files, including media files. Follow these steps to use File Explorer to download the Soap2Day APK on Firestick:

1. Install the ES File Explorer app on Firestick using the steps mentioned in the previous method using Downloader.

2. Launch ES File Explorer.

ES File Explorer

3. Click on the +New option on the home screen.

4. Enter the Soap2day URL for Firestick in the Path box of the pop-up and “Soap2day” in the Name field.

5. Click Download Now, then Install.

Now, open the app and enjoy watching.

Approach 3: How to Use Silk Browser

Soap2Day is also accessible for streaming on the Silk browser. Follow these steps to watch Soap2Day using the Silk browser:

1. Open the Silk web browser on your Firestick.

Silk web browser on your Firestick

2. Paste the official Soap2Day website link into the search bar.

3. Press OK.

4. Sign in to the website and enjoy your favourite shows.

How to Watch Soap2Day on Firestick

If the methods above aren’t convenient, here’s another way to watch Soap2Day on Firestick:

1. Connect your Firestick and smartphone or tablet to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. On your Firestick, go to Settings, then select Displays and Sound, and turn on Enable Display Mirroring.

3. Connect your smartphone or tablet to your Firestick.

4. On your phone or tablet, open the Notification panel and tap on Screencast or Screen Mirroring.

5. Choose your smart TV from the list of available devices.

6. Once the screen is mirrored, open the Soap2Day website or app on your smartphone or tablet and start watching.

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Why Users Should Stay Away from Soap2Day

The website shows annoying ads that pop up when you’re watching something. If you click on these by mistake, you could end up on risky websites with harmful stuff like viruses. The Soap2Day site itself is risky because it keeps changing its web address, making it hard to find the real one. Some fake sites look just like Soap2Day, tricking users into clicking and getting their devices infected. This led to complaints and the site being shut down temporarily.

How to Clean Systems Infected by the Soap2Day Virus/Malware

If your computer gets infected with the Soap2Day virus or malware, it will behave strangely. You might see weird changes in app icons, new icons popping up, and some files becoming inaccessible. Your browser settings could also be messed with, like the search engine being replaced.

If you notice these signs, act fast to stop the virus from spreading. First, disconnect your computer from the internet to prevent further damage. Make sure your Windows Defender is turned on. Consider installing a good antivirus program and doing a thorough scan to remove the virus.

Since your browser might have been affected too, change your passwords using another device. Don’t pay any ransom if your files get locked; there’s no guarantee they’ll be restored.

After containing the virus, focus on getting rid of it completely.

How to Remove the Soap2Day Virus

Now that we’ve stopped the Soap2Day virus from spreading, it’s crucial to get rid of it completely. This virus can sneak into the core of your system and spy on your activities, making you vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Removing the virus should be your top priority. Since Soap2Day can be accessed from any device, we’ve outlined steps to remove the virus for different operating systems below.

How to Remove Virus from Windows

Removing malicious programs:

1. Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key.

2. Search for “Control Panel” and click on the result.

3. Choose “Programs and Features” to see a list of installed programs. For Windows 10 and 11, you can search for “Apps and Features” directly in the Start menu.

Programs and Features

4. Look through the list for any recently added programs. Sometimes their names give away their identity.

5. Right-click on these programs and select “Uninstall.”

Uninstall or Change a Program

6. Follow the prompts to remove the program from your system.

Removing Viruses from Windows Shortcuts:

1. After removing the harmful programs, go back to your desktop.

2. Find the shortcuts to the programs you uninstalled.

3. Right-click on these shortcuts and choose “Properties.”

4. In the Shortcut tab, look at the “Target” section.

5. Clear the URL in this section and click “OK.”

6. Repeat these steps for all suspicious programs on your system.

7. Once you’ve uninstalled everything, clear the recycle bin to get rid of the virus completely.

To do this, right-click on the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop.

Select “Empty Recycle Bin” and click “OK” to confirm.

This will permanently delete all the data.

How to Remove Virus from MacOS

Removing viruses from macOS:

1. Open Finder on your macOS and click on “Go.”

2. Choose “Applications” to see a list of installed apps.

3. Look for any suspicious apps installed on your system. You can use the “Date Modified” filter to find recently installed apps.

4. Right-click on the app you want to remove.

5. From the drop-down menu, select “Move to Trash.”

6. Once the app is gone, empty the trash to permanently delete all associated files.

How to Remove Virus from iOS

Removing Viruses from iOS Devices:

Your iPhones or iPads can be targets for viruses or malware, especially from websites like Soap2Day. Luckily, iOS has built-in safety features to help deal with these threats.

1. Start by updating your iOS to the latest version. This adds extra layers of protection against malware and viruses.

2. The Soap2Day virus might sneak suspicious apps onto your iOS device.

3. Check your app drawer for any apps you didn’t install yourself.

4. Hold down on the app icon and choose “delete” to remove it from your device.

5. This virus can also clutter your calendar with spam notifications.

6. Open the calendar app and look for any unwanted entries.

7. Scroll to the bottom and select “unsubscribe” to remove them from your calendar.

By following these steps, you can keep your iOS device safe from viruses and malware.

How to Remove Viruses from Android Devices

Removing Viruses from Android Devices:

The Soap2Day app on Android can bring viruses or malware to your device. Removing it is similar to iOS, but you can take extra steps for full security.

1. Start by uninstalling the Soap2Day app from your Android device.

2. Tap and hold the Soap2Day icon, then select “uninstall” from the menu.

3. Next, clear caches and any remaining files from the Soap2Day app.

4. You can use the built-in cache cleaner or a third-party cleaner app for this.

5. After that, scan your device for viruses or malware using an anti-virus app.

6. In severe cases, consider performing a factory reset on your device to completely remove the virus.

By following these steps, you can help keep your Android device safe from viruses and malware.

How to Remove the Soap2Day Virus from Web Browsers

The Soap2Day virus targets your web browser first, messing with its settings right away. This can mess up how your browser works. The virus also uses sneaky extensions to cause more trouble. These extensions can take over your browser’s search engine, giving you weird search results. To get rid of these extensions in different web browsers, here’s what you can do:

Google Chrome

Delete Malicious Extensions:

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on the extension icon next to the search bar or go to settings to find “Extensions.”

3. Look for any suspicious extensions and click “Remove” to uninstall them.

Reset the Settings of the Search Engine:

1. Open Chrome settings.

2. Choose “On Startup” from the menu.

3. Unselect “open a specific page or set of pages.”

4. Then, go to the “Search Engine” settings.

5. Select “manage search engines.”

6. Find any suspicious search engines and click “remove from list.”

7. Scroll down to “Reset Settings” and choose “restore to original defaults.”

8. Click OK to reset Chrome to its default settings.


To install and watch Soap2Day APK on Firestick, users need to sideload the app using Downloader or ES File Explorer. After downloading, users can access Soap2Day’s vast library of movies and TV shows directly on their Firestick device. Enjoy endless entertainment with Soap2Day on Firestick for a convenient streaming experience.


Is it safe to download movies from Soap2Day?

Downloading movies from Soap2Day may pose risks due to potential copyright infringement and exposure to malware.

What are the benefits of Soap2Day?

Soap2Day offers free access to a wide range of movies and TV shows, providing convenience and variety for entertainment enthusiasts.

How to use Soap2Day safely?

To use Soap2Day safely, consider streaming content instead of downloading, use reputable ad blockers, and ensure your device has updated security software.

Is Soap2Day safe on the phone?

Using Soap2Day on a phone carries similar risks as on other devices. Practice caution and consider using a reliable VPN for added security.

Is Soap2Day APK legal to use?

Soap2Day APK may provide access to copyrighted content illegally, so its legality is questionable.


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