Picuki – Instagram Editor and Viewer[Ultimate Guide]

Picuki – Instagram Editor and Viewer[Ultimate Guide]

Picuki is an app. This app can permit you to view and edit profiles uploaded on Instagram in an anonymous way. This app can be termed both an Instagram editor as well as an Instagram viewer app. 

Picuki app can be used to download practically all Instagram images without logging into an account. You can even edit those uploaded photographs: crop them, indulge in contrast and brightness activities for the images, and many such activities. 

You should know that this particular app is absolutely free. Besides, Picuki is also extremely user-friendly being a hassle-free app. No wonder, this app is growingly used by millions of people across the world. 

It has emerged as a powerful social media tool. 

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What is Picuki?

Basically a search engine, Picuki provides the easiest and most convenient interface for users to get their results favorably. Picuki’s website can allow you to browse Instagram without having to log in. 

This app is also being used for market research by some people. Besides, the app also has multiple uses. You can use Picuki for photo searches, trending information, and most of the search purposes on the Instagram platform. 

Due to its in-built facilities and tag of user-friendliness, the Picuki app is getting used for almost all search purposes relating to Instagram. 

How Does Picuki Work?

The working method of Picuki is very scientific. It does not pose any complexities to the users. The operational part is so simple that anyone can make use of this special type of app. 

Picuki.com (i.e. Picuki app) works in the following manner:

It allows anonymous Instagram search in three categories: locations, tags, and profiles. Your confidentiality and personal contact details are always protected 100%. 

Images download from Instagram. The downloading process does not take much time. Most of the time, such downloading happens immediately after pressing the download button. 

 How to Use Picuki?

Picuki’s website has multiple search engine operational facilities. In fact, this has emerged as one of the most popular apps for different Instagram search purposes. In fact, this is considered one of the best methods to avail facilities of search on Instagram. 

Picuki can be used in the following manner: 

  • The homepage should be opened first (The homepage gets opened very quickly). 
  • Signing up for the app is not needed (this is a major benefit the users can draw from this app). 
  • The search bar can be used to get the desired result of the search (using the process of this search bar is quite simple and anyone can operate it). 
  • Edit images and Post content (this editing can be cropping or sizing the image, enhancing or reducing brightness and contrast, and all other photo-editing jobs).  

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Pros and Cons of Picuki

Picuki has both pros and cons. The benefits of Picuki are more than the cons. This is the primary reason why this app is becoming popular. The advantages and disadvantages of the Picuki app are given below:


  • The website allows anonymous use of Instagram without having an account with it. Thus, you can make use of Picuki without signing in.
  • Search history of a particular profile or image can be viewed.
  • Since you remain anonymous, your activity can not be traced.
  • Picuki is free.
  • Picuki can be used for an unlimited period.


  • Picuki does not allow deletion of any Instagram item 
  • Picuki does not indicate how your account has grown over a particular period of time.

Is Picuki Safe and Legal? 

Picuki is considered a secure and safe Instagram viewing Platform. You can safely and legally use it to view Instagram images, stories, articles, and posts. It may be noted that on Scamadviser, this app generated a high trust rating. So far, no scam has been reported about Picuki. This fact has also been confirmed by Trend Micro. In view of the positive ratings and reviews, we can say Picuki is totally safe and legal to make use of. About its legality, no question has yet been raised. 

Is Picuki Anonymous?

Yes. You can view Instagram content like photographs, stories, and posts without the record of any search history. This makes it anonymous. Your personal information also remains beyond the reach of others. 

Your identity remains hidden. This anonymity is considered one of the biggest advantages of using the Picuki app. This particular feature of Picuki is also attracting a large number of users all across the world.

How to View Instagram Profile Using Picuki?

This app can be used in two ways which are explained below: 

i. Search and view a public account’s photo without logging in to your account. This search can be done by using the name of the person or subject. 

ii. Run a hashtag search on photographs of any person like that of a celebrity and a corporate company without signing in. 

How to View Instagram Posts Without Creating an Account?

Instagram does not allow posts without signing in. However, Picuki enables one to enjoy this benefit. You can use Picuki to view Instagram posts without creating an account. This is probably the only system-based app under which you can enjoy this facility.  

How to Check out Trending Content on Instagram Using Picuki?

Picuki allows you to check out the trending content on Instagram. This can be done by going into a user profile to view recent and trending posts and stories. You can also use specific hashtags and locations for this viewing purpose.

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How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos Using Picuki?

The Picuki app can be applied to download Instagram photos and videos. For this, you don’t have to sign in on Instagram. You can press the download button and the subject you have asked for will be downloaded.   

Step 1: Go to the Instagram post that you wish to save or download offline on your device

Step 2: : Launch the Picuki app on your smartphone

Step 3: On its search query box, paste the Instagram link that you wish to download

Step 4: Soon the download option will appear on your app.

Step 5: Press the download button to initiate the download process

Step 6: Soon, the downloaded Insta photo or video will be saved on your device.


Picuki has been rated on positive notes by different rating bodies. It is also considered a major biggest breakthrough in social media and is growingly used by people for various research purposes. Picuki has both facilitated and revolutionized Instagram viewing by millions of people across the world. 


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