Pagalworld Website — Download Latest Songs | 2020 | 2021 | Tunes

Pagalworld Website — Download Latest Songs | 2020 | 2021 | Tunes

Pagalworld is an illegal website that works just like any other pirated song and movie download site. Leaking content online without permission from the film producers and original stake holders is a crime under the Indian copyright rules.

It adversely affects the money-earning potentials of those who are involved in the production and direction of songs and films. Pagalworld com is notorious for leaking various Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, and songs of other languages.

These songs are made for free downloads on smartphones or PC, which inflicts heavy losses to the original content creators. The site garners more than hundreds and thousands of traffic every day.

Complaints against Pirated Sites

Over the last few years, several legal complaints have been filed against illegal film download sites like Pagalworld and others. Unfortunately, despite the government of India’s strict rules, several such sites are still in operation.

Some movie and song lovers despite knowing the harmful impacts of visiting such sites still go there and download new films and songs.

Pagalworld movie is not frequent for films—it is mainly notorious for leaking and releasing songs. Sometimes, it also launches many pirated copies of yet-to-be-released films online.

What Is Pagalworld?

Pagalworld is a website that promotes piracy and song downloads by way of unfair means. It releases several online video and audio songs for free downloads.

Once a user downloads any song from the site, the same can be stored in a device for offline use as well.

The illegal modus operandi of Pagalworld mp3 songs not just adversely affects the film producers and Music Companies but also several online kinds of music streaming sites like Spotify, YouTube, Hungama, and others that operate lawfully in the country.

Why Pagalworld?

Pagalworld is preferred by online users because it illegally offers online songs for free download. Singers and musicians bear the brunt because of such illegal online businesses.

The site releases thousands of songs in varying qualities; Starting from 780p to 1080p, there’s no guarantee that the user will get a particular song as per their desired quality level.

Pagalworld 2021 or Pagalworld 2020 is an illegal site. Any website that promotes piracy in India and unlawfully steals the content of others is engaged in illegal business operations.

They can get caught anytime as per Indian law and rules. However, these illegal sites keep changing their domain extensions from .com to .UK and many more to hide their original site identity.

Is It Safe to Download Songs from Pagalworld? 

No. Absolutely Not. Downloading songs from Pagalworld can be extremely dangerous to you:

  • These websites are already banned. So, downloading songs, films or any other content from the site is illegal.
  • Download links or files on these websites may be virus-infected. It may seriously damage your device.
  • If any virus or malicious bug enters into your system or smartphone, then it can steal sensitive information like your bank account details. Soon, it can generate auto fund transfer and may convert your bank account balance to zero.
  • It will kill a lot of time. As for one song, you will get multiple files for downloads. You have to manually try each download link to know which is functional and which is not.
  • Moreover, finding the actual URL link of the site is tough. You need quite a few hours to find one.

You always have the option of listening to new songs on legal platforms like YouTube, Spotify, and TV Music Channels.

How to Download MP3 Songs from Pagalworld

We strongly discourage the readers from visiting the site. The site has a search button from where you can download your desired song by typing its title. However, the quality of the song and its impact on your device may be bad or even worse.

Is It Legal to Download MP3 Songs from Pagalworld?

No. Pagalworld is already banned in India. Also, the Indian government is trying everything possible to curb piracy in India. It also takes strict action against anyone who infringes upon the copyright materials of others.

People recording a film, song, or anything without the written permission of its original creator or owner can lead to an arrest and jail term as specified under the Indian Penal Code.

Can A User Face Jail Term for Downloading Files from Pagalworld com?

Any person who downloads copyright content from such a site can be held guilty as per law. It may invite a jail term for six months or more, and a penalty of more than Rs. 50,000/-.

Anti-piracy law in India has kept this website banned. So, anybody entering into these sites will do so at their own risk. The website will never compensate if a sudden malicious bug badly corrupts or damages your system’s hard disk or mobile software.

Similarly, a law enforcement agency can take action against you anytime for using such a site.

How to Download Video Songs

There are a couple of ways through which you can download video songs online. You need to visit legal sites where your favorite video song is available. Now, you should look into the option buttons. If you see the ‘Download Video’ or ‘Download MP4’ just press that.

What Are the Alternatives to Pagalworld?

Several illegal websites leak songs like Pagalworld mp3 from time to time. Some of them are Tamilyogi, Worldfree4u, 123movies, Isaimini, and others. You must not download any mp3 files from such websites.


This article is purely for informational purposes only. We strongly discourage anyone from visiting an illegal website and downloading any content from there. We want to raise awareness of the netizens about why using such sites is not right and legal.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we can say don’t use such sites. Please wait for a few days because the song will eventually release soon lawfully on YouTube, FM Radio, or TV music channels. So, be patient and download your favorite video or MP3 song in its original quality using legal platforms only.


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