Mexicana creates formula for coronavirus

Mexicana creates formula for coronavirus

To control coronavirus, the formula has developed, Gabriela León patented in 2016 a solution that is present in 60 countries and that could stop the spread of the  virus in Mexico

Ten years ago, the illness of one of her children made Gabriela León, a biochemical engineer, look for a solution to kill viruses. And that technology, which he developed in Mexico with his brother Sergio, could stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Formula

In 2016, she and Sergio received the Nbelyax patent, which is now in 60 countries. There are 40 more in process. It is a biomolecule capable of annihilating all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, and spores, among others.

Nbelyax has been implemented in a line of antiseptics, disinfectants, and sterilizers that also prevent the progression of influenza and Ebola.

Innovative Technologies for Coronavirus

In an interview for this publishing house, Gabriela shared that she has been trying to position her work for 10 years. “To make us understand what we are living as humans, where great challenges are climate change and pandemics.”

Given the confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mexico, disinfectants and mouth covers were scarce. And these, he said, do not offer a solution to the problem. They could even “make it worse.”

“The virus needs to replicate in living beings, while bacteria and mycobacteria have the ability to reproduce by themselves. They can be on a surface for years and do not need to infect anyone because they have the ability to reproduce alone. The big difference in our technology is that it is so small that it can enter the body (which has the virus) and destroy the genetic material. ”

An example is in antibacterial gels. “A molecule like the ones in the chlorine arrives. Mental Health chlorine arrives and the cell membrane breaks. And since it breaks until the cell dies, several seconds can pass, and that is enough so that, in the long run, the famous microbial resistance can be created because they do not destroy the genetic material. ”

He added that Nbelyax is biodegradable, harmless, and not corrosive, does not cause secondary damage and does not create resistance.

China gives and China removes

Ironically, the production of Nbelyax, the Mexican patent biomolecule capable of annihilating all types of viruses, has been affected by the coronavirus in China, as part of the packaging it uses comes from that country. The technology has been requested by other countries to help contain the spread of the virus. If you are interested in purchasing any of the products that are made with this technology, you can do so through its website:, or on its online platforms. Among the portfolio are creams, antiseptic soaps, and disinfectants.

Salud Jalisco launches service line

The Jalisco Ministry of Health (SSJ) enabled a 24-hour care line, which will be answered by doctors. The assigned number is 33 3823-3220. There will be reports on patients with symptoms of Wuhan coronavirus. The doctors who will respond to you are trained to determine if it really is a probable cause or another disease of the respiratory tract. Among the most common symptoms are fever, cough, and shortness of breath, but if you were in contact with someone who has this disease or visited a country where the condition is epidemic, contact immediately.


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