How to Sell Casual and Athletic Sports Apparel Online

How to Sell Casual and Athletic Sports Apparel Online

There have been a lot of changes to the fitness industry in recent years, and many people still love working out and athletic apparel. Maybe you’re considering adding some of these pieces to your clothing brand, or you sell some of this type of clothing already, but you’re looking to expand by adding more. Let’s talk about what athletic apparel is and if it might be a good idea to sell some of these items online through your brand.

What is Athletic Apparel?

Athletic apparel is what one wears while exercising. Note that it’s not to be confused with athleisure, which takes its cues from athletic apparel but has the added “leisure” style, essentially giving the wearer the ability to sport the items to many different places. There’s a lot more to athletic apparel than how it looks. From the fabric to the fit could affect how you do and feel during a particular activity.

What Types of Clothing Are Considered Athletic Apparel?

If you’re thinking of selling athletic apparel online via your brand, there’s no shortage of the types of items you could offer. Generally speaking, athletic apparel can consist of sneakers, leggings, sports bras, tank tops, compression shirts, and more. Then you get into the specifics, like cycling sports and running sneakers. There’s a whole science behind it that continues to advance, and it’s incredible to see how far styles have come over the years. 

Suppose you buy blank wholesale athletic apparel and put your custom designs on it. Then, you’re mixing yourself with those who have come before you and mark that area of the fashion industry. That’s critical to remember as you create your custom designs and choose what pieces to put them on, whether you’re opting for the Bella + Canvas women’s cropped fleece hoodie or another item that fits in with your brand. Don’t worry about trying to sell every type of athletic apparel available. Instead, consider starting with a few favorite pieces.

What Type of Custom Designs Work Best?

When creating custom designs that you want to put on athletic wear, there are many ideas to consider, whether a saying, your logo, a word, or a specific image. Consider opting for motivational designs or paying homage to sports in general or something specific that you love about sports. However, whatever custom designs you decide to use, make sure you’re legally able to use them before you buy a bunch of wholesale blank clothing. You may be surprised at what’s happening in the trademark world and how to avoid legal problems.

How to Purchase Athletic Apparel for Your Brand

It’s a good idea to see what’s available through a wholesale clothing website that offers blank athletic apparel. You’ll have the option of buying the latest sporty styles to which you can add your custom designs while also getting discounts for purchasing multiple pieces at once. Because athletic apparel tends to have a purpose behind it by being ideal for wearing while exercising, it’s imperative to make sure you’re buying high-quality pieces. 

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts don’t want to buy items that aren’t an asset while working out, have style, or will hinder their performance or fall apart. Everything from its function to its look needs to be on point. Don’t hesitate to ask the wholesaler if it’s possible to buy athletic apparel samples to evaluate the items for yourself in person.

Where to Get Inspiration For Your Products

If you want to figure out what athletic apparel might be incredible for your clothing brand, go where the athletes and fitness enthusiasts are. You can’t just go and people-watch at a gym without exercising. Therefore, consider it an opportunity to take a new class, get a workout, or try a gym. 

Another option is to go to a park where people typically play sports or go walking or running. Many different spots can be good ideas for getting inspiration. Look at what people are wearing and keep an eye out for any specific trends. 

If you have athletic friends who fit into your demographic, speak to them about what they typically like to wear while working out and for what activity. Another option is to read online about what people love about different types of athletic apparel, from hats down to socks and sneakers, and more importantly, what a majority say they don’t like about it, so you can consider avoiding those aspects. All this research could lead to some great ideas for incorporating athletic apparel into your clothing brand.

Athletic apparel can be a great option to add to your clothing brand, depending on how you go about it. Rushing decisions, not doing the sporty research, and making a quick blank wholesale clothing purchase before thinking things through isn’t the best idea. While the characteristics of this type of apparel tend to evolve, people aren’t going to stop working out, nor will they stop wearing athletic apparel, so it’s not like it’s a fleeting trend that’s going to be gone in a week. 

Chances are you have time to make careful decisions that may positively impact your brand, and you can buy athletic pieces that resonate with your customer’s love. It’s a much better option than purchasing the clothing, adding on your designs, and suddenly realizing they’re not what you had hoped or will not resonate with your athletic customers. Therefore, ensure you fully believe in the finished athletic clothing products before selling them.


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