How to Unblock 123Movies: Top Proxy Sites and Alternatives for April 2024

How to Unblock 123Movies: Top Proxy Sites and Alternatives for April 2024

Are you searching for methods to access 123Movies and watch movies online? 123Movies is a well-liked website where people can view movies, TV shows, and documentaries without charge. However, the website may be inaccessible in certain regions due to copyright issues.

If you’re unable to access 123Movies or seeking a dependable alternative, this article is for you. We’ve gathered a selection of new 123Movies proxy and mirror sites that are currently operational in 2024, providing users with access to free streaming content.

What is 123Movies Mirror?

A 123Movies mirror is a site that stands between you and the main 123Movies site. It lets you bypass any blocks on the original 123Movies, allowing you to stream your preferred movies and TV shows freely. These mirror sites also safeguard your privacy by hiding your IP address, ensuring your information remains protected.

Updated 123Movies Proxy Sites List (2024)

Watching movies and TV shows online has become simpler thanks to 123Movies proxy sites. Since the original 123 Movies website was shut down, its users have struggled to find and access these sites. But now, with our updated list of working 123Movie sites, you can effortlessly access and download content from 123Movies.

Simply click on any of the links below to visit the corresponding 123Movies proxy sites.

123Movies Proxy SitesStatus
123 movies.scStill Working
123 movies. scNew Proxy
0123 movies.movNew Link
netflixery.comLess Ads
www.123 free moviesOnline

How to Download Movies from 123Movies?

Downloading a movie is often more enjoyable and convenient than streaming it online. Streaming online can be frustrating if the internet connection is slow, which leads to buffering issues. However, downloaded movies don’t have such problems and work smoothly even when the internet is slow or unavailable. Luckily, 123Movies makes it easy for users to download movies.

1. Visit the website and use the search bar to find your desired movie.

2. Click on the link you want to access.

3. Choose the download option in the HD section.

4. Select the movie quality by clicking on one of the available links.

5. Enjoy watching your downloaded movie.

Is it Secure to Use 123Movie Proxy and Mirror Sites?

Yes, all the proxy and mirror sites listed in this article have been tested and confirmed to be safe, although we can’t provide a 100% guarantee. They do not request any card details or personal information. So, if you’re seeking a method to access 123Movies, these options are your safest bet!

123Movies Proxy Sites To Unblock 123Movies In 2024

Another great and straightforward method to access 123 movies is through mirror sites. Mirror sites are exact copies of the original website, giving you the same experience as the original site. For some users, using a proxy or VPN might be challenging, so mirror sites offer a simpler solution.

Below is a list of functional 123Movie mirror sites that you can utilize to watch movies and TV shows:

123Movies Mirror SitesStatus Site
www.0123movies comAlternative
www.la123 movies.comOnline
123 movies goOnline hub onlineOnline
www9.0123 movies.comOnline
123 movies netOnline
1234 moviesOnline

What Happened to 123Movies Website?

123Movies closed in March 2018 because of copyright problems. It was a major streaming platform with millions of users worldwide. Since then, several proxy and mirror sites have appeared to let users still access 123 Movies content.

Key Features of 123Movies

123 Movies quickly became popular due to its reliable services. Users were satisfied with the website’s offerings because it consistently provided uncorrupted links. Additionally, 123 Movies stands out because of its unique features, including:

  • Offers a wide range of TV shows and series.
  • Simplifies the downloading process.
  • Minimizes the number of ads shown to users.
  • Provides all movies and shows for free.
  • Offers videos in various qualities to suit different preferences.

Top Alternatives To 123 Movies

How to Access 123 Movies Using VPNs

Using a VPN is another method to access 123 Movies. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that hides your IP address and encrypts all data sent from your device, ensuring user anonymity.

To access 123 movies with a VPN, start by connecting to a reliable paid or free VPN service. Then, simply visit the official new 123 Movies website and stream the content you want to watch.


To unblock 123 movies in April 2024, utilize reliable proxy sites or alternative streaming platforms. VPN services offer secure browsing, while mirror sites replicate the original 123 Movies experience. Consider alternatives like Soap2Day or FMovies for similar content. Choose the method that suits your needs for uninterrupted access to a wide range of movies and TV shows.


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