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In the DailyTechHunt.com, always we work to be the best, writing useful content and the highest quality. We are mainly focus on content that is for people actually they want and interested to know something new from the topics related to technology, business, marketing, mobile technology and applications. We provide solutions for current issues or any suggestions to good practice, new ideas to do something new and take good suggestions from techies. Anyone can utilize this opportunity and share your thoughts with likeminded people

If you interested writing, we are ready to collaborate with you. You dare?

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We want you to understand to what extent our guest blogging system works before you contact us because you want to write for us. If you are looking to write articles using any spinner or with one or more outgoing links to low authority pages, this is not the right place for you. The published articles must meet a series of requirements.

To Write for Us, you can email us at info@dailytechhunt.com


Daily Tech Hunt is a Website which publishes articles on latest technology, software, mobiles, business and digital marketing. Our blog deals with topics related to:

Technology: Business, Gaming, WordPress, Software, Hardware, Operating System, PC / Laptop Support, Troubleshoot Computer Errors, Information Technology (IT),  AI, IoT, Gadgets, Apps etc.

Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, News, tips, advice, changes in the main platforms, web or PPC platforms.


We know the reason for 90% of website owners requesting for guest posting. So if what you are looking for guest post blog where you can put an article with 800 words that you have gone through a spinner, with a backlink to your website… go back to where you came from.

We do not support the following:

Outgoing links to domains Not Relevant: It is simple, we do not mind having backlinks to relevant content, but relevant content is not that you put “bulk sending service” and links to your website. In order for us to accept a backlink, we need it to be relevant, authoritative content and, above all, that the link contributes something to the context.

Spin: We don’t accept spin contents, our team will monitor all the contents that we receive from you, will check content by using paid tools, so before sending the article make sure to maintain quality and unique content.

Commercial communications: It is not about you selling your services. If you have something of quality to offer, and enter into context with the content, agree as long as it meets the requirements stated above. But you have to offer alternatives, pros and cons and ultimately, if you’re talking about a sector, be as comprehensive as possible.

Link exchange:  If you are looking for a “you give me a backlink and I give you another” we have sad news for you. You have no such service for you.  You cannot exchange links between domains, you should not and you should not seek the possibility of doing so


Quality articles:  We are encouraging the people with original and quality content. If your article meets all the requirements, we will publish it.

Lists of services and products: Whenever they deal with services or products that are related to Technology, Digital Marketing and Business or any other sector closely related to Daily Tech Hunt.

Quantitative studies:  Any quantitative and qualitative study with a solid foundation to be seen in Technology, Software, and Hardware, marketing, market research, or social platforms is welcome. All articles must contain a correctly referenced bibliography.

To Write for Us, you can email us at info@dailytechhunt.com